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“May I say that I have worked with all types of people from the roughest to the smoothest, but rarely with a person such as Paul Laud. He embodies courtesy, fairness, hard work and intellectual precision with a capacity to see the wider picture. His shareholders are the richer for this as are the board and the management.” 

Brian Beazer

Chairman Emeritus, Beazer Homes, Inc.

"Paul has been and is one of the most knowledgable and enjoyable people to come into our lives. There are not enough superlatives to describe him. Here are just a few... Pleasant. Patient. Persistent. Logical. Logistical.

Paul is a great listener and knows how and when to laugh. Paul is your best friend  (dog) at your side and will absolutely protect you. He is a tremendous negotiator. He is also like your kindergarten teacher making sure everyone 'plays nice' in the sandbox with the utmost integrity. 

There is an old saying... 'You don't know what you don't know.' Paul through his extensive experience in business and life often knows the way to go."

 Mark and Linda Baker

Founders, The Vermont Flannel Company

"Where to start? We cannot imagine a better person to assist in the sale of our business than Paul Laud. Paul is a talented communicator who listened carefully and clearly communicated to all parties. We found him to be a dogged negotiator on our behalf, yet one who treated us and the buyer with respect and careful consideration. Paul was genuinely curious about our business. We were amazed at how quickly he understood the details of our business and what we wanted from a sale. Paul meticulously guided us through the entire process, and we came to rely on his thoughtful and fair-minded suggestions. We feel lucky that Paul was at our side and have the utmost respect for his knowledge, experience, and sense of what is right. 

Marge Petit, Beth Hulbert and Bob Laird


"It was a complex, challenging transaction and I can say with all honesty that it would not have gotten done without Paul's involvement." 

Ken Merritt

Merritt & Merritt

“I have known Paul for 20 years and have worked closely with him in all facets of private equity - as a buyer, seller and co-investor. He is a deeply experienced and highly successful private equity principal. He was engaged to assist GSC at a point of great upheaval in the firm. He dove into an unknown portfolio and immediately brought leadership and discipline to these relationships. We brought him over when these partnership interests were transferred to Black Diamond. He took the necessary and difficult steps that built significant value in this portfolio, and he successfully led the myriad processes required to monetize it.” 

Peter Frank

Head of Private Equity

Black Diamond Capital Management, LLC

“I have sat on many boards in my career and as the Chairman of Aeromet, Paul Laud’s eloquence, intelligence, reasonableness, and ability to be tough but fair has never been equalled in all my experience. Everyone enjoys being part of a success, but Paul's involvement made it that much more enjoyable and memorable.”

John Raos

Chairman & CEO, Insulmaster Corp.

Non-Executive Chairman of Excello Asia, Ltd.

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